Monday, 4 December 2017

Exist Independently

I saw this quote the other day, by Professor Vlatko Vedral, and it got me thinking.

"You could say that objects don't really exist independently in their own right until they have exchanged information with other objects, which then confirms their existence."

Vlatko Vedral is Professor of Quantum Information Theory at the Universities of Oxford and Singapore.  He has written many 'papers' and also several books, and is well respected in his field.

David R Hamilton Phd has a fabulous book called  "CHOICE POINT: Align Your Purpose"
in which he sights Vedral.
It all made me think about the old theory that nothing exists if it is not observed first.

what do you all think?

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Today's thought

"If you persuade yourself that you can do a certain thing, provided this thing be possible, you will do it, however difficult it may be.

If, on the contrary, you imagine that you cannot do the simplest thing in the world, it is impossible for you to do it, and molehills become for you unscalable mountains." 

~Emile Coué ~

Friday, 1 December 2017

Thought for today 1st December

"Some people come into our lives
and leave footprints on our hearts ....and we are never ever the same."


Thursday, 30 November 2017

Thought for today 30th November

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now
and make a brand new ending.”

~Carl Bard~ 

New ~ Sea Glass Section

Such a long time since I blogged!!  But today I was doing a Google search on something completely different when my own blog site came up!! 

Now that was a surprise as I was searching for information about my grandfather lol.

Anyway.... I'm hoping to revive my blog.  So today I've added a new section called Sea Glass.  Please take a look..... it can be found at the top of my page.

blessing to all of you who are still here and looking at my blog...... and blessings to those who have just found me.

Willow xXx

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Collage Inspiration!

I've been inspired!

 I went to Yarndale last month, as you know, and met an amazing woman who produces fabulous collages. so when I got home I started searching online to find lots of different styles of collage.... and discovered so much that I was a bit overwhelmed.

 a few days later I joined Jani Franck's 'The Bubbling Well' which is an online space for 'creative beings'.... (you will see the link to the right of this blog). reading Jani's inspirational words and watching her short videos I became more focused and started to really think about the work I could produce. so I made my first collage.....

first I drew out the picture of a cove scene from a recent visit to Wales..... and then I searched for pieces of fabric and paper to construct the scene.  I crocheted piece to represent the large grey rocks.....
and I found some lovely fabric to represent the beautiful pebbles on the beach. 

the pretty primary-coloured boats were represented with pieces of felt

I placed crochet, felt, fabric, ribbon and part of a map on my piece of paper....... and it all started to come together!

but the little felt boats seemed to clutter the picture up too much so they were abandoned..... it was a shame really as they were a very striking part of my original visit to the cove. 

I stuck each element in place with a tiny bit of glue and then used various stitching to attach the fabrics and papers to the backing.  (please note that I am no needlewoman lol)

a page from an old book about the sea formed my coastal path, and ribbons for the sea and sand.  the flowers on the beautiful hillside were a piece of old lace.  I used part of an old map to represent the wider countryside to the side of the cottage, which actually wasn't on the beach, but about half a mile away 

when all the hand stitching had been done I machine sewed it all round...... and then glued it onto a canvas.

Ta Dah!!!

finished and mounted on a canvas

I've just finished a second one but can't show it yet as it is a gift for someone.... but I'll show it when she lets me know that it has arrived safely.

until next time.... blessings, Willow xXx

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Adventures at The Bubbling Well

I've just signed up for a year membership of Jani Franck's 'The Bubbling Well'. basic membership is free... and includes loads of wonderful creative things to experience. one of those things is some little videos ... including this one for going on an Artistic Adventure. why not have a listen to what Jani suggests. . . . . . . I'm planning an 'adventure' early next week.... so watch this space to see where I end up :-) until then, many blessings, Willow x . ps.... if you fancy joining me and Jani >>>> Click here to visit Jani Franck.