Monday, 10 October 2011

Crab Apple and Elder Jelly

1 lb crab apples
half a pound of elderberries
1 lb sugar

wash fruit and remove stalks..... cut crab apples in half
put in large pan and cover with boiling water
boil for 30 mins
squash the fruit against the sides of the pan when it is soft while boiling
strain through a sieve lined with strong kitchen towel or use muslin

boil the juice and add the sugar
test by putting a teaspoonful on a cold plate ... leave for 5 mins .... and push with spoon or finger... if the jelly 'crinkles' it is at setting point

leave for 15 mins...... then pour into warm sterilised jars.... place lid

because of all the pectin in the crab apples there is no need to add any extra

hope you like it :-)

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