Thursday, 8 March 2012

Saving trees ~ the planet ~ and 90p

I took a walk to the village on Tuesday.  The sun was shining and the skies were blue... but it was cold.  So I wrapped up warm and put on my rucksack to carry back my shopping.

There was once a great beech wood to the south of my village... before all the modern building began in the 1970s.  My house sits where once majestic trees graced the area.  I didn't know all this before I moved here.  But it makes me sad to know that nearly all of them were cut down to make way for housing estates......... and my house included.

When I moved to the village in 2004 there was still a few of these beautiful trees lining the side of the road from my house towards the village...... for half a mile.  Nearly all of them have been cut down now.... and in their place are large wooden stumps that once reached into the sky and gave us oxygen to breath in exchange for our 'polution' of carbon dioxide.  But the cycle of life still goes on as the trees have died so fungi comes to life.

Some fungi is pretty and some not so pretty.  Well this fugus falls into the latter...... and then some!

A bit closer............

........ and closer still.

There is ivy and twigs and all manner of stuff growing in it ... through it.... and around it.  Fascinating!

So.... as I said I walked to the village.  Here is the village.... looking towards the north.  Quiet isn't it?

I promised that I would keep you up to date with the restoration to our oldest pub.  Well here it is with all the scaffolding off.

It's not finished yet..... as you can see.  But the pavement has been altered and the road narrowed to accommodate the new bay window.  

 Let's hope it is worth all the disruption when it is completed.

Right across the road from the pub is a briliant green grocer and butcher.   I like to buy my vegetables from here as it is a little independant shop. 

As you can see they sell wood for the fire..... plants for the garden.... soil for pots..... milk for your tea.... cans of 'pop' for the young people...... and every sort of vegetable for me!!!

The little Westy isn't for sale................ unfortunately!

After buying all my veg, my bag was so heavy, I decided to catch the bus home.  Shhhh .... don't tell anyone ... but I got my over 60s bus pass earlier this year and still hadn't used it.   Before my illness I would have walked the mile home and enjoyed the 'work out' with the heavy bags.  But now I can't .... so I gave in and used my free bus travel pass.

So I saved my legs..... my energy..... and 90p....................... LOL

I would have been happier if I hadn't needed to have a 6" long paper ticket as well as a plastic pass.  I'd like to think that taking the bus would mean I was helping the planet....... but obviously bus companies don't know about saving trees.  Ah well...... can't save everything.

As you can see, the walk from the bus stop to my house is quite pretty.

And I saw daffodils peeking out from behind an ancient tree..........

........... and grape hyacynths hiding in the grass .......

Spring is definately here :-)

With all my talk of the once great beech wood I thought I would blog about one of those majestic trees later this week.

But for now I close with blessings to you all, Willow x

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