Saturday, 3 March 2012

Spring and St David's Day

It's been an interesting week this week.  Although the weather isn't unseasonally cold there has been very little activity in the nesting box with the camera.  This has been very disappointing.  But I am assured that things can only get better lol.

We've had a bit of sunshine this week and lovely blue sky on occasion........

The garden is looking good and all the plants seem to think it is time to come out of winter and welcome the Spring.

Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree

the Japanese Flowering Cherry is starting to burst out of it's winter hibernation..........

Evergreen Jasmine

..... the evergreen Jasmine that I planted last year is thickening up..........

.... and ladybirds are everywhere :-)

On Thursday it was St David's Day so I bought a couple of pots of those tiny daffodils...... they are so beautiful with their trumpets heralding the Spring.

Also on Thursday Dr David Hamilton was visiting Shipley Library to give a talk on his new book Choice Point so I decided to go along.  I caught the train at Garforth station where all the ironwork is painted red and cream......

..... it really brightens things up.

As I'd arrived too early to meet up with M... I decided to take a walk by the canal.......

..... the reflections were so lovely.

...... even the chimneys look great with these swans rippling the water.....

..... just magnificent..... and majestic!!!!

I met up with M..... and we headed off for something to eat before the talk. 

David Hamilton's talk was brilliant as always.  He is one of the top speakers I've ever had the pleasure to hear.  He is so inspiring and energising.  Here he is in a candid moment with his lovely partner Elizabeth as they sort out the video camera.  

If you are interested in David you will find snippets of his talks on YouTube...... for example ....... and lots of his books published by Hay House on Amazon, in book shops and in your local library.  My favourite book of his is 'It's The Thought That Counts'.  You can also find him on Facebook :-)

I stayed overnight with M as the talk didn't finish until 9.30pm .... so after chatting with David and Elizabeth and some others at the meeting (and getting my copy of David's book signed) we headed off at about 10pm to M's house.

Friday morning M went off to work and I came home to this..........

........... yes......... what was a beautiful dawn mist on the Pennines was thick fog at home!!!

Hope you are all having a lovely sunny weekend.

Blessings, Willow x

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  1. Love your pics especially the fog! Thanks for stopping by my blog.