Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Big & Small Crochet Ta Dah!

just a short post today to show you my two new Ta Dah items! 

first is a little crocheted bag to put crossways over my body to put my keys in when I go out walking.  it is 6 inches square (15cm to you youngsters) which is big enough to carry my mobile phone in too.... and a chap stick for protection from those biting icey winds that are to come eventually.  it has a wooden bead as a button fastener to make it easier to fasten and unfasten without looking :-)

the second is a blanket or throw.
it measures 40 inches by 60 inches (101cm by 152cm) so I'm struggling to find somewhere to spread it out so you can see the whole thing.  but for now... here is part of it

and a close-up of the edging

is done in the old fashioned Granny pattern that people usually do the Granny squares in.  it is the biggest blanket I've done and took about 36 hours to complete, which is less than the Ripple pattern blankets I've done.  it was far easier when sewing up the ends because it is done with one yarn in a random type colour.  usually the Ripple blankets take hours to sew up all the ends.  the yarn used for the main body was King Cole's Melody double knitting in Shade 958

then I finished off the edges going all round the outside with a Granny stitch on the first round in an unusual brown colour, then a single crochet on the next two rounds in orange and then blue to pick out the colours in the main part of the blanket.... and finished off the edging in one round of single crochet in purple and then a round making a little picot-type edging, also in purple.  hope you like it :-)

I decided to edge my ripple blanket too as it makes it so neat...

.... and the colours reminds me of a sunset on a blue ocean with the blue going to yellow, orange and red.  or is it just me? 

well.... that enough showing off my crochet work.  I love doing it and feel so proud of myself.... but I hope the ego isn't getting the better of me.  I'm sure the Universe will slap me down if I step over the mark LOL

with blessings, Willow xXx


  1. Love your ripple blanket with the beautiful edging. May I ask which pattern you used for both of them? I can't see on your blog where you give a link to the patterns or if you've done tutorials.
    Nice quotation by Thich Nhat Hanh!

    1. hi Sandra.... sorry I've been so long replying but life got in the way a bit. the ripple pattern was from Lucy at Attic24... and the edging was of my own design and is plain and simple UK double crochet :-) glad you like it x