Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Magic Continues

just a tiny blog today :-)

as you know I am working through Rhonda Byrne's book, The Magic.

on Day 5 we worked on money.... getting more of it (that is what the £5 note is for)

......... later I went to the supermarket and saved £5.34 and used a £1 coupon I already had....... so that was £6.34 saved and then received a £1 coupon to use on my next shopping!

yesterday (Day 7) I won a small amount of money!  not much... very small amount actually, only £3... but still a win.  which all together will have added just about £10 to my purse.  now that might not seem much but it is still more than I had before

so thank you Universe for the extra money in my purse.... thank you

please let me know if you decide to buy and work through this book coz I would be so interested in how you find it and if it is working for you.

with blessings til next time, Willow xXx

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