Thursday, 26 January 2012

A Walk by the River Wharfe

This week's walk was by the river Wharfe at Tadcaster in Yorkshire.  Hope you like the photos.

I started at Tadcaster church, St Mary's.

From the church gates there is a great view of the viaduct.

With the river to my right and the weir in front I spotted a regal swan.

After an easy walk along a tarmac path and passing through a style I was met with a view of the brewery across frozen flooded land.

From here the path is across grass... but today it was frozen flood water and mud where the sun had managed to melt the ice. The viaduct arches are reflected in the frozen flooded river water.

Once through the viaduct arches I looked back and saw dog-walkers, a dog, and the tower of the church.... a really atmospheric sight.

Everywhere there were large frost crystals which looked stunning on this fungi...

and on this fungi in sunshine and shadow.

The view across the river was breath-taking showing the tree reflections and frosty grass.

Everywhere I looked were masses of fungi in sunshine.....

.... and frost crystals on the fences.

On the old 'road' and crumbled down bridge that once crossed the Wharfe are the beautiful roots of a beech tree...

..... and trees growing out of an ancient wall.

a glorious sunshine walk.  hope you liked sharing it with me :-)

with blessings, Willow x

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