Saturday, 28 January 2012

Garden Watch & Gallstones!

After saying last week that I was beginning to feel a bit better after my gallbladder operation I am again experiencing the pain in the gallbladder site :-(   This is the third time since my operation in October.  I've been to see one nurse and two doctors this week and I'm being sent for an emergency scan and back to the consultant because the GP says that I might have a stone in the duct and it can't escape because it is now sealed in by 2 clips!!!  magic!!!

I'm on antibiotics for 10 days .... and back on the very low fat diet!!!!  hopefully not just salmon and beetroot with green beans and courgettes which was my diet for 6 months before my operation  .....if the pain gets worse or the dizziness comes back again then I have to ring 999  :-(   So..... I'm being very good and resting (groan). 

This weekend is the Big Garden Watch organised by the RSPB and I sat and watched my garden (and it's visiting birds) for an hour and noted the birds that graced me with their presence.  Even though house sparrow numbers have halved since the 1970s I had 7 in my garden all at one time.... so I was thrilled with that.  During the hour the most of each species of bird at any one time was 7 house sparrows, 3 starlings, 2 bluetits, 2 collared doves and 1 blackbird.  Not bad for a postage stamp of a garden!

I also kept an eye on my little portable tv which shows the inside of my new birdbox which has a camera in it (birthday present from M).  I managed to photograph one of the bluetits that was inspecting the box after being invited by her boyfriend to view the property ;-)   Shame I didn't manage to catch the two of them together.  I just wasn't quick enough getting the camera!  The camera is now sitting by the tv!!!

The birdbox looks massive compared to the bird..... but hopefully in the Spring it will be filled with their offspring.  I'll keep you posted.

I think it is time for some creative crocheting now :-)

with blessings, Willow x

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  1. That's so boring. Just sitting there and not doing some moving around. Well anyway, just to be on the safe side though, you need rest since you undergo surgery.
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