Sunday, 26 February 2012

Dreadful Sunday

oh dear........... I've messed up my blog by changing the name of it :-(

what an idiot I am!!!  I didn't realise that all links to it would be broken if I changed the name.  I do hope everyone can find it now.

I've also lost all my lovely blogs that I follow.

off now to go hunting for all the lost blogs.......................

with blessings, Willow x


  1. Oh no! I hope you've got it all sorted now. I think I can still find you on my blog, but this time I followed your comment, so I'll go and look for your link.

    Those crochet hooks are divine and oh so naughty, as I've now got hooker envy, haha! I have to remember to only crochet with my glasses on, as I gave myself a migraine yesterday, doh!

    Have fun.x

    1. oh Yarrow... so glad you found me! I think I have found all the bloggers that I usually follow. but apologies go to anyone I've missed.
      yes the hooks are fab.... buy some! lol
      I can no longer see my crochet work without my glasses... ah well... at least we have the technology :-)
      blessings, Willow x

    2. Hope everything is sorted now :-) xx

    3. it has been a real problem sorting it all out Lizzie... not sure if I have it completely done yet... only time will tell lol x