Thursday, 10 October 2013

Celebration Time!

so here we are at Thornborough............... (continuing on from my last blog)... and the time of year is September........ the time of the Equinox.... 21st/22nd

as you might remember we were going to celebrate the Equinox and a friend's 50th birthday and then he and his wife were going to fly off to Amsterdam to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.  the celebration is a secret.... well a secret from him..... he thinks he is coming to the Henge just to celebrate the Equinox.  so we decided to decorate a marquee before he arrived on the Saturday morning.

decorated marquee

we put a chair in the marquee and decorated it with pretty fairy lights and balloons.  later we added a little table and placed his birthday cake on it and all of his presents.

the cake

here is the amazing cake made by MG...... in the centre is a little green man face but it doesn't show up on my photo.  hopefully someone else took photos of the cake and they are better than mine.

after all the decorating J and I went to listen to an archeologist give a really interesting talk about the history of the Henge.

we were mesmerised by his words and his lovely voice...... so much so that we both ended up having a mini snooze.  sorry to Jan who did the talk..... it was really interesting.... honest.

moon over camp

we were well blessed with fine weather and a gorgeous big moon hung over us to help light up the darkness of the Henge.  there is absolutely no light polution there so when I say it is dark... it is really dark!

below are some of our evening photos giving you a flavour of our party time

cutting the cake
dancing in the moonlight?
party time


birthday boy and his lovely wife


beautiful colours in the fire

our lovely fire was enhanced with some fairy magic brought by a lovely lady in the form of little silver packages which apparently you can buy on ebay lol.

some of our group got out guitars, banjos, and drums and played some amazing music.

toasting giant mallows

someone brought some giant marshmallows and so we toasted them on the BBQ and on the fire.

dawn over our 'village'

I'm very much a night person usually.  I hate mornings and take ages to wake up.  but when I'm away in Kitty I am awake at dawn and rewarded with views like this.............


Sunday was a lovely day of gently mooching around the lovely stalls.  people were selling so many different crafts.  there was a blessing for all the animals in a ceremony and people brought their dogs to be blessed.

L and B and I went for a walk to forage for fallen wood for our night-time fire and came back to the Henge just as the sun was setting.

monday morning quiet

as most of our group.... and also most of the campers in general had gone home on Sunday night I woke up on Monday morning to an almost empty campsite.  if you look closely you can see L and B's firepit sitting on bricks there on the right of the picture.

those of us who were left had a lazy breakfast and then started to pack up our campervans and tents.  by 11.30am we had done a 'sweep' of our area to check that nothing was left behind to harm the wildlife and the animals that the farmer may be putting in to graze.  and by noon we were all driving out of the Henge with a tear in our eye, as this is the last 'meet' of the year, and it is doubtful that we will meet up camping again before the spring.   all very sad :-((

but I'm sure I will get out and about in Kitty for day trips and I'll tell you about them and post pictures.

'til next time, blessings, Willow x

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