Tuesday, 15 October 2013


I'm still trying to catch up ...... so I'm still blogging about what I did in September.

we are now on Saturday 28th September......

oh it was a brilliant weekend!

some wonderful people in Skipton had organised an amazing festival at the Skipton Auction Market, in Yorkshire, England, featuring all things yarn-like.  there were different types of yarn to buy and lots of crafts and demonstrations.

here is the poster advertising the event

M and I planned to arrive at mid-day on the Saturday as I had arranged to meet up with two lovely ladies that I met online and have been talking to for a couple of years.  but traffic was terrible as we got within a mile or so from the venue.  
tempers were frayed as M is a typical man and doesn't like waiting in traffic..... but we finally got parked up and walked to the entrance and were greeted with an amazing sight of loads of bunting wrapped around trees.

bunting on a tree near the entrance

bunting in the entrance hall

 this was the sight in the main entrance hall...... with bunting made by people from 30 different countries..... miles of it!!!

bunting with list of countries that participated

the knitted picnic
it looked like we had arrived just in time for cake!   :-)

knitted sweeties
..... and there were plenty of sweeties too.

bunting everywhere

house bunting made by Lucy from Attic24

this house bunting was fun at the Knit and Natter where I met my friends


I even met, and made friends, with an Alpaca :-))

Lucy Attic24 cosy corner

it was great to meet and chat to Lucy from Attic24 as she has been such an inspiration to me (you will find her blog to the right of this under 'My Blog List').  unfortunately it was so crowded around Lucy that I couldn't get a great photo of her section but she has put some on her blog..... so nip across there and have a look.

I want to thank M for taking me and all the organisers for putting on the festival....

a very successful event!  and a great weekend

more adventures soon
blessings, Willow x

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