Monday, 7 October 2013

Kitty & I Meet Up With Friends

oh dear!  it has been so long since I last blogged that you have all probably forgotten me.

well.... just in case I've still got followers I'll try to update you on what has been happening in my world.

Kitty Campa and I have been travelling about quite a bit this year.  At the beginning of May we headed off for Thornborough Henge in North Yorkshire to celebrate Beltane.

We ended up meeting loads of wonderful new people with similar interests and have since become great friends and have met up several times during the year.  here is the English piper on the Henge piping down the sun.  we also had a Scottish piper who piped down the sun on the Saturday and the Sunday.

here are the drummers calling us to the ceremony.

After getting home and doing the washing Kitty and I headed off for our annual meet with our Stonewylde friends at Avebury in Wiltshire.

here they are getting dreads in their hair :-)

I've added a few new stickers to Kitty......

.... at the back and on her bonnet.  but I've loads more to add over the months.

Kitty and I spent a week at Moongazy Camp with our Stonewylde friends before heading home.

our next big outing was to Derbyshire to meet up with friends and celebrate Lammas at the beginning of August.

here is one of our group, exhausted after putting up her tent.  this is the reason I bought Kitty :-)   I just drive up to my pitch and park...... and switch on the gas and make a cuppa..... simple!

as you can see, our area of the campsite became very crowded!

the first night we were blessed with the most amazing sunset........

......  but the following night we got this!!!  (yes that is a colour photo!  the sky was black and we ended up with the most incredible storm with fork lightning giving us a spectacular show).  unfortunately many people got soaked wet through in their little tents :-((  although the bigger and better waterproofed tents stayed dry.

our next camping weekend was near Conisborough Castle in August.  we meet up for a picnic every year with our Stonewylde friends but this year some of us decided to camp the night before.

many of us were fascinated to watch two of our men put up a folding caravan.... before we all piled inside for afternoon tea and cakes.

the campsite was lovely and had plenty of space and electric hook-up (a luxury) and showers!!!  :-)

we held our picnic on the Sunday in sight of the castle.

the picnic table was huge.....
and filled with foods that everyone attending had brought to share.

some of us sat under the shade of the beautiful trees.... and some enjoyed the full sunshine.

Kitty and I had hardly got home and got our jobs done when we were off again..... this time we were back to Thornborough Henge to celebrate the Autumn Equinox or Mabon.   but I'll blog about that later.

hope you enjoyed catching up with travels with Kitty

with blessings, Willow x

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