Saturday, 4 February 2012

Blooming Gorgeous Ta Dah!!!

OMG!  I am soooo pleased with myself.  At last I finished my Blooming Flower Cushion as designed by the lovely Lucy at  thank you sooooo much Lucy.... you are truely a magician.

I did one last year but gave it away as a Samhain (Halloween) present in a type of 'secret Santa' organised by the members of the Stonewylde forum.  I almost shed a tear as I handed it over to a friend to take it to the post office for me, as I had just had my gallbladder operation and was unable to drive there myself.

Stonewylde is a creation by Kit Berry, and is a hidden community in Dorset where time has almost stood still.  Kit has written 4 books in the series so far and book 5 will be published some time later this year.  You can visit the online forum at

I loved doing the last blooming flower cushion ..... and picked the colours for the person I was crocheting it for.  But this time I was making it for me :-)   While I had been recovering from my operation a friend went to the craft shop and bought some blue yarn for an amigurumi doll I was making.... but she brought back the wrong blue ... so off she went again (at her insistance) to get more blue.  But again the blue wasn't the right blue.  Eventually I ended up with a lot of shades of blue...... so the colours in my cushion reflect the fact that I had a lot of blue. Even so, I think it all works well with the pinks and purple hues.

What do you think?

Below is the reverse side of the cushion.....

...... and here, below is detail of the buttons reclaimed from a binned cardigan, and little silver 'Made With Love' heart I got from a lovely shop on Ebay..... 'Sarahlovescraft'.  (the buttons are so that the crocheted cover can be taken off the pad and washed......... perhaps the buttons should have been on the reverse side where they wouldn't show...... I may move them).

 By the way, I haven't pressed this one because I like the way the petals fold in :-)
Let me know what you think of my Ta Dah!

Love and Blessings, Willow x


  1. Your cushion is really beautiful, I love your colours.
    I'm just about to start a second one just in red/pink/purple colours with the very outer rows in greens so that it looks like a rose, I am stupidly excited about it!

    1. thank you Lucy... I bet the rose one will look amazing x

  2. Replies
    1. Really beautiful such gorgeous colours x

    2. thanks Lizzie. I didn't know if those colours would work well together or not. I'm glad you think they do :-) x