Friday, 14 September 2012

A Catch-up in pictures ~ part 1

Gosh!  How can I have not posted since April????

I thought it would be boring if I gave you an essay update as to what I have been doing, so I will give you a brief whistle-stop tour of my summer :-)

May 2012......

I bought a campervan and called her Kitty.....

..... and the next day I took her over 200 miles to Avebury to meet up with loads of Stonewylde friends (Stonewylde is a series of books written by Kit Berry..... see the link on the right-hand side of this page).

Here is Kitty camped up for the week.

Two of our lovely members were handfasted on the Saturday

..... and with permission of the campsite we lit a fire and chatted long into the night. 
Many of us spent a whole week down in Wiltshire.... exploring and soaking up the atmosphere.

June 2012 ......

M and I went off for a holiday in Gloucestershire.....

we stayed on a farm.....

with geese that hated me lol

we walked along the Coxwold Way and had amazing views

nearby was a lovely towpath walk where we saw....

barges and houses and beautiful flowers

a swan and her cygnets that followed us all day along the towpath

a strange bug

a magical garden

poppies after a rain storm

Purton Ship's Graveyard

a couple on a bench enjoying the view on the Coxwold Way

we were blessed with a rainbow over our cottage on our last evening

~ to be continued ~

with blessings Willow xXx


  1. *waves* Another 'returner' to blogging here, though not nearly as long a break as you! lol

    Looking forward to part 2 and sooo envious of your campervan! Would love either one of those or a pull behind. I keep dropping subtle hints.... :)

    1. good to see you Kadeeae.... welcome back :-) ... bought the campervan to live the dream :-)