Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A Catch-up In Pictures ~ Part 5

In the catch-up we are now well into August

August 2012 continued .....

My next trip was to meet up with some wonderful friends at Conisborough Castle near Doncaster in South Yorkshire.

at the picnic

as it kept spitting with rain we decided to have our picnic under the ancient beech tree

our group ranged from small children to adults over 60 (and a lot more.... but I dare not post the ages lol).... and we were joined by two of our canine friends. 

it was the weekend of the re-enactment.....

....which was exciting for the kids :-)
while us adults just chatted, ate and chatted some more LOL
we had a lovely day out and I can't wait for the next one when we all meet up again.

Kitty the campervan and I went on a trip out for an afternoon to some local lakes for some peace and quiet (I'll blog about Kitty next time)

I made a cuppa and sat re-reading my Stonewylde book by Kit Berry in readiness for the release of book 5, Shaman of Stonewylde, in October 2012

at about 7pm I headed home but the light was so lovely I stopped in a layby......

..... to photograph the shadows on a field of corn

the photos didn't come out with the same beautiful colours that I'd seen that evening.... but then cameras can't pick up the subtle things without being manipulated can they.

I've had such a busy summer and haven't really told you all that I did.  I'd love to tell you about my wonderful adventures away in Kitty.... but that will have to wait for another time.

well that is it..... all the summer updates for now....
five of them......

as quoted from Stonewylde books "Five, always Five"  LOL

next time I'll be writing about the decorating of my lovely Kitty

til then.... blessings, Willow xXx

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