Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Lovely Kitty Campervan

I thought you might be interested in my campervan, Kitty.  She's an old girl.... nearly 20 years old.... but lovely.  She is a transit van with a factory conversion and elevating roof.

I bought her in May and the very next day I drove her down over 200 miles to Avebury for a week camping in her (will blog about that soon) doing a round-trip of 500 miles!  All I had time to do was to wash out her cupboards and fridge.  Being desperate to decorate her on the outside I had to wait for some rain-free time.
Here is what she looked like when I first bought her...

she already had the blue and gold stripes down the side and said Campa on both sides and on the front

I ordered lots of lovely stickers from Hippy Motors and waited for an ideal day.  the weather was terrible on each day that I could spare the time to decorate her.
I really wanted to get her done before I went on a meet-up with friends in Oxfordshire at the Rollright Stones (blog coming soon)

the 20th August was the day!  sunny but not too hot..... no rain..... no wind..... so I could start. 

I first decorated the side panel....

with a golden hare gazing at the moon.

the next thing I did was start decoration on the bonnet and I decided on Kokopelli

but the day was so lovely I had to make the most of it and headed off to some local lakes... which is where the above bonnet photo was taken.

so the next part of the decorations had to wait until the 28th August.... just in time for going away and meeting friends on the 31st.

I added a little guardian angel to the bonnet under Kokopelli.

if you have ever driven an old campervan, or been stuck behind them on a hill, you will know how slow they are. 
so the next sticker to go on Kitty was.....

"If you think this is slow wait until we hit a hill"

..... and then...... "Home is where you park it" which had been bought for me by M several years ago when I first voiced that I wanted to 'Live the Dream' and buy a campervan.

I managed to take off the word Campa from the bonnet as it was tatty .....

...and decorated with squiggles to cover where it used to be.

I'd had an idea for the side panel with the hare so that was next to be finished....

..... with stars, fairies on mushrooms, and fairies flying through the sky.

close-ups of fairies on mushrooms........
....... and fairies reaching for the stars

But the passenger side still had nothing on it..... I loved the fairies so much that I decided to repeat them on the other side.... but much bigger and bolder....

..... with a cute little Hippy Motor's car and driver.

I finished off her bonnet with some lovely silver stars.

So this is Kitty Campa's decorations............. so far :-)

Now.....dare I go onto Hippy Motor's website and order more stickers???  LOL.

Hope you enjoyed meeting my lovely Kitty.  I'll blog about her interior next time.

with blessings, Willow xXx


  1. It's all lovely, but my fav is the faeries on the mushrooms! Can't wait to see inside :)

  2. Kitty is such a beauty! From those mushrooms to stars, her decorations are very gratifying to look at. You made a good choice on purchasing it so you can drive around to some beautiful camping spots.