Saturday, 15 September 2012

A Catch-up In Pictures ~ Part 2

as promised here is part 2 of my summer 2012 in pictures:-

July 2012 .....

a lovely day out (in the rain) at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

one of the beautiful rescued lions from Romania

and a gorgeous female tiger.

M and I had a lovely day out in Thornton in West Yorkshire (the birthplace of the Bronte family)

here is a view from the Thornton Viaduct

.... and a view of the village from the viaduct

here is the viaduct itself

we went through a narrow style onto a narrow path between two walls and a cow decided to follow us

this is the signpost in the village of Thornton....

.... and the close-up reveals that Egypt is 2 miles one way and 2281 miles the other way.... and Moscow is 2.5 miles one way and 2506 miles the other way.  very odd, until you know that Egypt and Moscow are tiny hamlets near Thornton.

Another trip out in July was to Scampston Gardens in North Yorkshire

there are beautiful gardens full of flowers but I loved the park itself where the hall is almost hidden

the rock garden near the lake was amazing with some of the huge rocks standing 4 or 5 feet high

the refections of the summer house were lovely on the lake.

Scarborough was the next venue for an outing

it is always lovely to see the pretty little boats.....

.... and a rather large galleon!

a trip to Scarborough wouldn't be complete without a visit to the fudge shop.... yum yum.

~ to be continued ~

with blessings, Willow xXx

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  1. That's it, keep going and I won't have to book a holiday this year :) Missing 'the North' though, Derbyshire is my favourite.

    Funny that cow, maybe it just wanted to keep moooving. Sorry! lol