Monday, 6 February 2012

Got the bug .....for creating!

As you can see from the title.... I have got the bug!  ..... for creating. 
For creating the lovely Blooming Flower Cushion.

Here is No.3..... almost finished.....

.... there is a lot more blue in it than in cushion No.2.... but it is almost the same colours.... although the centre is yellows and oranges (mainly).

Below is the back side of the cushion (and the wrong side) .... and shows off the mainly blue outer with the bright centre colours.

I now need to buy some more cushion pads as I initially only bought 3.  I got them off Ebay.... but the Ebay shop I bought them from apparently doesn't exist any more.  So I am trying to source some more 12" cushions.  So far I have had no luck.... other than some duck down ones which cost the earth lol.  I am waiting for a reply from a supplier who doesn't actually do 12" ones but I've asked if it is possible to make 12" or 14" if I buy multiples.

Hopefully I can get hold of them..... otherwise it is duck down at a price!!!


I could make them myself.  Oh well.... that could be another blog ;-)

with blessings, Willow x


  1. Love your blog, thank you for visiting mine. I love crochet too and often visit Attic 24 :D