Saturday, 25 February 2012

Yorkshire in Bloom

It's been over a week since I blogged and now I don't know where to start with my update!  I'm still not allowed to run around and exercise so I'm spending a lot of time doing crochet work and reading.  Having said that, I think this blog might have a flower theme.

With doing so much crochet work I decided to try to find those lovely soft hooks, but found Goldie instead.
Don't get me wrong .. she is lovely and easy to crochet with.... but wasn't the type I was looking for really.  All the same she is really beautiful.

I have to make a lot of daisies for a project I'm doing.... and Goldie is making it so much easier to crochet the fiddly bits :-)

After being let down by an Ebayer with regards to my 12" cushion pads I had to resort to 16" pad for my friend G's birthday Blooming Flower cushion...............

.......... but this meant that I had another 6 hours of crochet work to make the cover big enough.  I'm really pleased with the finished cushion.

As it is G's birthday this week we thought we would leave the men behind and have a lovely girly day out.  So.... after a visit to the post office to post off some gloves and a cushion I had made, we set off.  Oh didn't I tell you?  I sold a blooming flower cushion and a pair of fingerless gloves this week!  My first ever sales..... whooo hoo!!!  Note to self ~ "stop giving all your creations away ~ except when it is for a birthday present lol".

Anyway..... we went off to Junction 32..... a shopping centre a few miles away for some retail therapy.  I didn't buy any clothes or shoes or indeed a handbag.  I bought some light bulbs some spoons and a wheat bag. (I think I cheated a bit with the flower reference there LOL)

At the shopping centre I spotted a magical crocus display.

Gorgeous aren't they?

On closer inspection I saw the most amazing beauty.  The petals unfolded to reveal a magnificent secret inside. 

After shopping we had a lovely lunch of sea bass, green beans, black olives, courgettes and baby new potatoes at Bella Italia.......... yummy!  And as we were going to the cinema we got the two main courses for the price of one!!!  It's a great deal :-))

What movie did we see?  The new Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock film called Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.  Brilliant!! Thomas Horn plays the amazing Oskar Schell.... a 9 year old boy whose father is killed on 9/11... when he finds a key a year later he thinks that his father has left him a puzzle to solve.... what does the key fit?  I loved the film so much I have ordered the book by Jonathan Safran Foer and can't wait to start it.

So.... here is what am I reading at the moment.  

As you can see.... there is nothing 'light'..... so the novel will be good.

Notice that the books are all blue.  Significance?  No idea.  Just noted that they were blue lol.

When we got home from the cinema, there, in front of my house, was a beautiful crescent moon to greet us.

Hope you all have a great weekend and the sun shines on you.

With blessings, always, Willow x

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  1. Still loving the blooming flowers :) Hope that you're having a lovely weekend too!