Sunday, 5 February 2012

The White Stuff!!!

Well it arrived!  The snow!!

It started yesterday at about 2pm..... just a light flurry.  But by 3pm it was coming down as huge, soft flakes.

 Here are the first falls of snow on my little bench.

As you can see, my gargoyle isn't happy about the situation......

...... but as usual, the monk keeps calm about the whole situation.  He realises that he can't do anything about it..... so just 'allows'.

By the time the sun had gone down the bench looked like this!

This morning my garden looked so pretty, despite the fact that I haven't been able to tidy it up since my operation in October!  We had five inches of snow!  ...... and I live in the Vale of York where we don't get lots of snow......... normally!

But how on earth did the snow fall like this???  ..... and leave the birdbath looking like a donut!!!

The rosemary bush was in full flower before the snow came.  I wonder if the flowers will survive being covered with snow......

..... and how will the spider manage with a web covered in jewels?

.... and the jasmine with it's bejewelled leaves?

At least any roosting bird will be cozy and warm in here....................... if only one of them would stay more than a minute they would realise what a lovely home this would make.

I do keep getting pairs of bluetits examining the birdbox..... but so far no one has stayed in it overnight.  But I'll keep you posted on that one :-)

Keep warm everyone.  

Blessings, Willow x

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