Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Hookers Have Arrived!

Well, they've arrived!  I found the lovely soft crochet hooks I've been looking for...... on Ebay.  And yesterday they arrived with the postman :-)

Here they are photographed with Goldie (last week's new hook) .....................

The New Kids On The Block!

Lovely to work with!

Gorgeous lilacs and purple.  This is going to be a mini blooming flower cushion for a Tibetan singing bowl to sit on.

Below is my Chakra -coloured blooming flower cushion all pinned up and waiting to dry out.

Looks pretty with my new pins doesn't it?  Makes it look all jewelled.

Happy Sunday to everyone.  Many blessings, Willow x


  1. Oh what a gorgeous purple! Beautiful Willow xx

  2. thank you Lizzie. I haven't completely finished it yet but will post a Ta Dah! when I do x